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A process for the production of ultra thin foils for hydrogen filtration based on palladium alloys has been developed and the manufacture of pilot batches of the foils has been started.

In cooperation with the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Moscow Special Alloys Processing Plant”, the industrial process for the production of ultra thin hydrogen filtration foils based on palladium alloys was elaborated and pilot batches of the foils were produced.
Hydrogen-separating materials based on palladium alloys are designed for applications in various hydrogen power industry-related processes (hydrogen production from hydrocarbon feedstock as an alternative, environmentally safe fuel for motor vehicles and for a broad range of fuel-cell powered devices) and in a number of chemical industry processes where membrane reactors are installed (ethylene, propylene, and benzene plants, etc.). These technology branches are fundamentally new, priority aspects of Mankind development.
The main goal of the program of the above-indicated science-and-engineering and commercial corporation is to provide accelerated development of the manufacture of hydrogen-filtration materials, which should gain a leading position both in the nascent Russian market and in the foreign markets of such articles. The parties estimate the amount of orders (by weight) for hydrogen-filtration foils in 2006 at about tens kilograms of palladium. Subsequently, the demand for these articles is expected to increase to hundreds of kilograms or even more.
The parameters of hydrogen-filtration membranes attained to date are as follows:
for a 10 mcm foil thickness (palladium–silver alloy), hydrogen permeability is about 30 Nm3/m2. per hour at a temperature of 600°С and a hydrogen partial pressure drop between the inlet and outlet areas of 1 atm.
A program aimed at upgrading the performance and resource characteristics of these articles has been developed. The orders for the production and delivery of pilot batches of hydrogen-filtration foils may be by phone (496) 522 1260 and e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..